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Interior Painter on Pointers for a Painting Project

Must-Knows for Painting Projects

Painting a room is the least expensive and easiest way to upgrade your house in the interior design world. A professional interior painter shares some of the things you need to know before doing painting work.

Prepare the room you want to paint. This makes a lot of difference to the painting task and its outcome. This involves:

  1. Moving the large pieces of furniture to the center and covering them with a cloth to protect them from paint spills and splashes;
  2. Wiping the walls down to remove the mostly unseen buildup of dirt, dust, and oil from your touches on the surface. This is very important because it allows the paint to adhere to the walls better;
  3. Using spackling paste to fill any nail holes or cracks;
  4. Putting tape or old newspapers on adjacent walls, window trim, outlet covers, and light switches;
  5. Covering the floors with old clothing or newspapers to protect against paint drops, spills, and splashes.

Experiment with colors. Do not be afraid to try different colors of paint. Points to remember are:

  1. Dark colors add depth and texture to the room, which makes them good for larger spaces.
  2. Lighter and brighter colors are best for rooms with little space or with less natural light coming in. These colors brighten up the area, giving it a spacious feeling.

Choose the kind of sheen you want. There are three main types of paint finishes you can choose from:

  1. High-gloss finishes are durable and very easy to clean. However, this type often highlights imperfections on the walls.
  2. Flat finishes, on the other hand, do hide wall imperfections, but they are more susceptible to damage than gloss finishes.
  3. Eggshell finishes are mostly the best option. It still has a glossy touch, is easy to clean, hides imperfections, and is not as easily damaged as flat paint.

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