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How an Interior Painter Paints Your Concrete Floors

Steps in Painting Concrete Floors

Painting concrete floors is a lot of work, but anyone can do it. It’s also worth the effort because you’ll end up with a beautiful floor that will last for years and years. The process of painting concrete involves several steps from cleaning up to sealing. Here are steps on how an interior painter paints your concrete floors at home.

Mopping and Cleaning the Floors

Painters will have to mop and clean the floors first. They use a mop with long handles to reach under furniture and other obstacles that might be in the way. They also scrub the floor with a scrub brush to remove all dirt and debris before mopping again with warm water.

Grinding the Floors to Remove Stain

Grinding is one of the most important steps in the process and will help achieve a smooth finish on your concrete floors. It also removes any stains that may be left from previous coats of paint or sealant, as well as any existing grime on the surface of your concrete flooring material. This will also allow for better adhesion between new coatings and old ones.

Adding Clear Protective Coating

A clear protective coating is a layer of paint that protects the concrete floor from scratches and stains. It’s applied to the surface, then cured with ultraviolet light. The result is that your floors look new longer without needing to be polished regularly.

Applying Two Base Coats

Experts will then paint your concrete floors with a brush to apply the base coats. Afterward, they finish it off with roll-on clothes for a smooth finish. Roll-on clothes are easier than brushes because they give better coverage and don’t have sharp edges that could damage your hard-earned paint job.

Painting concrete floors is not a simple task but is not impossible to do with the help of experts. For quality floor paintings here in Fort Wayne, IN area, contact Ruiz Painting and Drywall LLC for your floor painting needs. Call us at (260) 218-1600 and hire a professional home interior painter with us today!