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Different Types of Gloss Paint Finishes Provided in a Home Painting Service

Gloss Paint Finishes for Your Home Painting Project!

Home painting is a big project, and it’s important to take the time to find the right paint finish that matches your home. Gloss paint finishes can be made of many different materials, including acrylics and urethanes. They come in different colors and styles depending on which brand you choose. It’s important that you choose the right gloss finish that fits well with your home decor. Here are some different types of gloss paint finishes provided in a home painting service:

Textured Gloss Finish

Textured gloss is a high-gloss finish that has the appearance of an oil slick. Textured gloss is not a matte finish, but it’s not quite glossy either. It has a very smooth shiny surface with small dots made up of multiple colors on top of each other like marbles. The result is that textured gloss looks more like stone than paint!

Satinwood Gloss Finish

Satinwood is a smooth, flat finish that is just as shiny as Eggshell. It’s great for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms because it won’t show fingerprints or stains, but it does have a slight sheen to it. If you want the look of real wood without the high maintenance, satinwood is the perfect choice for your home’s exterior walls!

Silk Gloss Finish

Silk gloss finish is the most popular type of paint finish in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where you want your walls to look more modern. It’s also a good choice for bedrooms. Silk gloss paint comes in several different colors. The color will depend on what type of furniture you have in the room as well as its size and style. However, it should be noted that silk gloss doesn’t last long when exposed to moisture or humidity so make sure not to use this type anywhere near showers or baths.

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